Cement board Thermal Board 60

Description  20yearsgr

FΡ Board® 50 board is a fireproof, thermo acoustic cement board, which is environment friendly for ecohomes, with good thermal insulation, acoustic and fire protection. It provides with a tough and durable surface which can withstand prolonged exposure to moisture.

Basic features are :

It has high resistance to weathering, Indicated in areas with high levels of moisture (waterproof).
It can be covered with tiles, stone, or any other materials.
Extremely good mechanical strength. With a core of cement foam, FΡ Board® 50 is a light composition coated on each side by a durable board, with refractory and insulating properties.

faltso smallApplications

FP Board® 50 can be used in any type of building with high requirements, both for internal and external use, as a floor, but also as an exterior coating for cement or brick walls instead of Thermoprosopsis.  It doesn’t need plastering.


Superb fire-resistance.  FΡ Board® 50 shows excellent fireproofing, and is not combustible. The continuous combustion time is 0. At 800°C it does not produce flames, and at 1200°C it reaches the higher class of fire-protection A1 to a non combustible level. It’s fire resistance can reach more than 3 hours. 


Waterproof, moisture proof.

In cold and wet environment, FΡ Board® 50 exhibits stable performance, prevents the condensation of water droplets, is not affected by moist air and never absorbs moisture. Even when placed in water for several days and then dries naturally, it will not deform or soften so it can be used normally.

Insulation and energy saving.

The pore distribution is even and compact, it acts with inorganic performance, it’s thermal conductivity is 0.216w/cm.k, much more insulated compared to other structural materials, saving energy consumption, thus maintaining indoor  environments comfortable, with fresh air.

Excellent strength. FP Board® 50 is light weight, with compact structure, good stability, no distortion, excellent performance in impact resistance, anti-compressive, anti-tensile and anti-breaking, hard and tough, it’s impact resistance can be up to 25MPa.

Anti-insect and mildew proof.

Inorganic mineral powder material constitutes the board, with mildew proof, anti-bacteria, anti-insect and anti-termite functions meeting all the requirements for building applications.

Applications FΡ Board® 50 is specified for the construction of exterior walls, covering all the needs of special buildings. It can be used in every construction sector, significantly improving energy efficiency, thermal resistance, but also the construction speed. Furthermore, the surface can be covered with tiles, marble, granite, stone, wallpaper, ornamental plates, wood or any kind of paint.

Environment and Health

FR Board® 50 contains no asbestos, formaldehyde, benzene or other harmful radioactive elements. It is smokeless, non-toxic and odorless. Natural mineral powder and inorganic materials are the composite materials. The production process is performed in consideration to environmental impact, low energy consumption, reduced particulate emissions, energy saving and environmental protection.




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